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About Us

Bringing clarity to every aspect of your business is why we exist. Meet the team behind the Clarity Practice Performance System and learn more about our story.

We believe that Clarity leads to professional and personal fulfillment and growth.

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Who We Are
Clarity Technologies is more than a software company. We exist to remove ambiguity in your business so important decisions can be made with confidence.
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Our Story
Founded in 2024, Clarity Technologies was formed after the merger of APX Platform and Engage Technologies. We brought together top experts from the Software, Practice Management, and Communications fields, all focused on one goal: to improve business operations and help companies succeed.

We value

We have a strong and relentless desire to truly understand, both at an intellectual level and an emotional level, setting aside agendas and ego. Curiosity keeps us striving for deeper understanding and truths.

We value

We embrace the courage to share truth honestly, without restraint, fear, or malice, while disclosing intent in every interaction. Through candid dialogue, we foster genuine collaboration.

We value

Kindness is at the heart of our values. Going beyond respect, kindness assumes dignity, considering others' needs and working collaboratively toward a common goal.

The History of Clarity Technologies

  • 2024
    Clarity Technologies launches, bringing something new to the practice optimization landscape.
  • 2023
    Engage and APX Platform go international, operating in 10 countries around the world.
  • 2023
    Engage and APX Platform merge companies and begin building the Practice Performance System.
  • 2021
    Terri Ross and Izhak Musli found APX Platform, creating a unique financial technology for medical aesthetic practices.
  • 2017
    Engage Technologies Group was founded with the mission of combining technology and storytelling for better patient education. 

Meet Our Leadership

C Lloyd Mahaffey headshot
Lloyd Mahaffey
Chief Executive Officer
Marcus Hackler
Marcus Hackler
Chief Creative & Marketing Officer
Grant Stevens Headshot
Grant Stevens
Chairman & CMIO
David Buckley headshot
David Buckley
Chief Technology Officer
Ishak W
Izhak Musli
SVP of Product Development
Sara Taylor headshot
Sara Taylor
Chief Financial Officer
Curt Meeuwsen
Curtis Meeuwsen
Chief Operations Officer
Barbara Sarber headshot
Barbara Sarber
Chief Experience Officer
David Pennington headshot
David Pennington
SVP, Ocular Sales
Isaac Strafuss
VP, Ocular Sales & New Markets

We build and activate brands throung cultural insight and strategic vision.

Years of Experience

We build and activate brands throung cultural insight and strategic vision.

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We build and activate brands throung cultural insight and strategic vision.

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