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The Clarity
Practice Performance System.

More than software... it's a methodology.

Unlike a PMS or EMR, the Clarity Practice Performance System offers a holistic way to optimize every facet of your medical practice. Designed with practice owners and managers in mind, the Clarity Practice Performance System delivers a comprehensive way to

• Gather clear and actionable insights from your data and analytics
• Train your team with the best standards for each role
• Connect with patients via the power of video
• Become part of a community of like-minded professionals
• Receive expert guidance from Clarity Coaches

Watch the Clarity Creed

Your path to profitability.

Transform your business and optimize your practice with comprehensive, clear analytics, on-demand training, and engaging patient education.

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Our goal is to show you a path
to turn challenges into decisive action
for sustained change.

Our goal is to show you a path to turn challenges into decisive action for sustained change.


Our goal is to show you a path to turn challenges into decisive action for sustained change.

What Clarity means for your practice.

Improve skill level

with on-demand staff training, based on best practices in healthcare, for every member of your practice.

Convert more patients

by educating them on their options before their consultation, so you can have better conversations.

Effect compensation change

with access to comprehensive financial calculators, industry benchmarks and sustainable best practices. 

Support and track goals

with a comprehensive Performance Analysis and access to the Clarity Business Intelligence Dashboards.

Ensure accurate financials

by diving deep into your data and analytics with the Clarity Calculators, and understanding what's truly going on.

Drive revenue growth

by educating on premium offerings, understanding where you can be most profitible, and learning the best sales practices.

Value benchmark and KPIs

that will boost your performance and provide deeper understanding of your practice's long-term success.

Increase profitability

by optimizing every area of your practice and enacting meaningful and sustainable change in your business.

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The Clarity Manifesto.

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Begin your path towards greater profitability.

It all Starts Here
Performance Assessment

Understand what's truly going on in your practice with a comprehensive assessment and detailed gap analysis.


Set a new standard for your team with comprehensive, on-demand training based on the best standards for healthcare practices.


Discover new insights about your practice's data and analytics and learn how to enact meaningful change in your business.


Build connections with your patients, before and after you see them, with clinically accurate and engaging video education.


Join a community of like-minded professionals who are committed to ongoing learning, led by our experienced Clarity Coaches.

A new category
of practice software.
  • "When anyone at Clarity tells you they’re going to do something, they follow through and do it. Their reliability, professionalism, and detailed expertise are top-tier. The level of excellence with which they communicate and deliver their services, unmatched. I cannot recommend Clarity highly enough. I can say with utmost confidence Clarity is, without a doubt, the best investment I’ve made into my practice, and leaves me excited to continue learning and growing as a medspa owner."
    Kristen Cadavos
  • “Clarity grew our practice revenue by $2 Million dollars in the first 2 years. The best decision I could have made was to invest in our education and our training. Working with the Clarity team has led us to understand and grow on a large scale.”
    Gabriela Rodriguez
  • “I am speechless when it comes to what Clarity has done for my practice. Our business has just completely taken off despite being in the Texas ice storm and the COVID-19 issues from last year. After breaking down our operations, we discovered we were way underpriced. That was a huge shock. Naturally, we were nervous to increase pricing, but our patients appreciate our practice, and we did not receive any negative feedback."
    Alexis Gordon
    MD, FACS
  • "I believe Clarity is an industry disruptor and will change the way we run our practices."
    Renato Saltz
    MD, FACS
  • “In our opinion, every medical practice will benefit from partnering with Clarity and we strongly believe that it’s the best investment that we have made for our business. Clarity has helped us to create the medical aesthetics practice that we dreamed of and we no longer just have jobs but we have the medical practice that we can be proud of and we look forward to continuing to grow as Terri would say “exponentially.”"
    Kim Poor

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