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Learn more about Clarity Technologies, our product, and how we can improve your bottom line.

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The Clarity Practice Performance System
Is the Clarity Practice Performance System right for my business?

Regardless of whether you're laying the foundation of a new practice or looking to elevate an established one, the Clarity Practice Performance System supports your journey towards creating the most successful practice possible.

What makes the Clarity Practice Performance System unique in the market?

Clarity stands apart from traditional practice management software through its holistic approach to practice performance. While typical management software focuses on administrative tasks like scheduling and billing, the Clarity Practice Performance System encompasses a broader spectrum by addressing the core areas that directly impact a practice's success. This includes advanced training modules for staff, clinically accurate patient education to enhance patient engagement, and powerful analytics for insightful decision-making. Moreover, the Clarity Practice Performance System fosters a community of practice owners and experts, facilitating shared growth and learning opportunities that go beyond the capabilities of standard software.

How does the Clarity Practice Performance System help practice owners and their staff?
We empower practice owners and staff with tools and insights to improve profitability, enhance patient education, streamline operations, and make confident, informed decisions for business growth.
Is the Clarity Practice Performance System only used in aesthetics or can be it be used in other industries?
While our solution is based on our experience in aesthetics, it can work across all industries we currently serve. The only solution that is currently limited to the aesthetics market is Analytics.
What does the Clarity Practice Performance System offer?
The system provides access to on-demand staff training, patient education, analytics, insights into key performance indicators, and guidance from a broader community of experts, all aimed at achieving greater profitability for practices.
Who can benefit from the Clarity Practice Performance System?
The Clarity Practice Performance System is designed for practice owners, administrators, and staff members who are primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations and long-term success of their healthcare practices. Our system is ideal for practices looking to improve operational efficiency, enhance patient education and engagement, and achieve better financial performance.
Is the Clarity Practice Performance System easy to implement and use in my practice?

The Clarity Practice Performance System includes step-by-step guidance for onboarding, and our support team is always available to assist with any questions or challenges that may arise.

About Clarity Technologies
What is the mission of Clarity Technologies?

Clarity Technologies is on a mission to empower healthcare practice owners and their staff to achieve greater profitability and operational efficiency. Our mission is grounded in the belief that clarity leads to professional and personal growth. By removing ambiguity in business performance, we equip our clients with the knowledge and tools to make confident decisions that enhance practice value and patient care.

How was Clarity Technologies founded, and what inspired its creation?

Clarity Technologies was founded by a team of healthcare and technology veterans who recognized a significant gap in the market for a comprehensive solution that addressed the unique challenges of managing healthcare practices. Inspired by the struggles of practice owners to find clarity in their operational performance and make informed decisions, our founders set out to create a platform that not only streamlined administrative tasks but also provided in-depth insights into performance improvement, staff training, and patient engagement.

Why did Engage Technologies and APX Platform decide to unite under the Clarity Technologies brand?
APX Platform and Engage Technologies group merged and rebranded with the purpose of providing a unified solution that combine both the individual product offerings.
Who can benefit from partnering with Clarity Technologies?

Our partnership ecosystem includes healthcare practice owners, administrators, staff members, consultants, marketing agencies, product manufacturers, and platform integration partners. By partnering with us, industry professionals can leverage our comprehensive tools and insights to optimize their practices or offer enhanced value to their clients.

What sets Clarity Technologies apart from other companies in the healthcare technology sector?

Clarity Technologies differentiates itself through our holistic approach to practice performance enhancement. Unlike companies that focus on specific operational aspects, Clarity addresses the entire spectrum of challenges faced by healthcare practices. We not only provide a platform but also cultivate a community where practices can grow and succeed together, embodying our belief in collaboration and shared success.

Your Business
How can I improve the skill levels of my practice staff?
The Clarity Practice Performance System offers comprehensive on-demand training modules that cover essential aspects of practice operations, including finance, sales, marketing, and human resources. Our system is designed to elevate the knowledge and competence of your staff, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the demands of a modern medical practice.
I'm struggling to convert inquiries into patients, how can I improve conversion rates?
Our Engagement solution is designed to engage potential patients from their first inquiry, providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions. Combined with our sales training modules, your staff will be better prepared to convert inquiries into satisfied patients, enhancing your practice's growth.
How can I effectively change and manage compensation models within my practice?
The Clarity Practice Performance System includes a Compensation Planner calculator that helps you design and implement effective compensation models. By aligning compensation with performance, you can incentivize your staff to achieve higher productivity levels and contribute more significantly to your practice's success.
What support do you offer for goal setting and tracking?
Our platform allows you to set, support, and track goals across different aspects of your practice. With our analytics and insights tools, you can monitor progress towards these goals, making it easier to adjust strategies and ensure your practice is on the right path to achieving its objectives.
How can I ensure accurate financial reporting?

The Clarity Practice Performance System provides a suite of financial calculators and business intelligence dashboards that deliver clear and accurate views of your practice's financial health. This ensures you can make informed decisions based on reliable data, helping to maintain and improve your practice's financial performance.

What features does the Clarity Practice Performance System have to drive revenue growth in my practice?

Our system is designed to optimize every facet of your practice that impacts revenue, from improving staff skills and patient conversion rates to effective compensation models and goal tracking. By addressing these key areas, we help create a streamlined, efficient operation that can significantly drive revenue growth.

How important are benchmarks, and how can you help me track them?

Benchmarks are crucial for understanding your practice's performance in relation to industry standards. Our Analytics solution provides you with benchmarks for key performance indicators, helping you identify areas of excellence and those needing improvement, guiding strategic decisions to enhance overall practice value.

How can I increase profitability?

By focusing on the seven other core elements—improving skills, converting patients, refining compensation, supporting goals, ensuring accurate financials, driving revenue, and valuing benchmarks—the Clarity Practice Performance System works to increase your practice's profitability.

Current Customers
How can I further customize the Clarity Practice Peformance System to my practice?

Clarity offers several customization options, including personalized introductions for patient journeys and the option to feature your doctor in consultation scenes. For more specific needs, contact Clarity Technologies Support to learn more about the solutions tailored to your practice.

Can I add new practice locations to my existing subscription?

Yes, our solution is designed to scale with your practice. You can add new locations through the system settings, ensuring a consistent quality of training, patient education, and performance analysis across all your sites.

What new features or updates are coming to the Clarity Practice Performance System?

Clarity continuously evolves to include the latest in practice management, patient engagement, and analytics technologies. Be on the look out for new product updates.

How can I make the most out of the analytics dashboard to track my practice's performance?
Leveraging the analytics dashboard involves regularly reviewing key performance indicators (KPIs), setting benchmarks, and using insights for decision-making. Our support and coaching can offer guidance on interpreting data and translating insights into actionable strategies.
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