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Clarity Practice Performance System


Meet your patients where they are with powerful video education. Each video series will guide your patient through the decision-making process, helping them get from inquiry to procedure with confidence.

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Communicate with your patients like never before.

Bridge the gap

Our video journeys educate your patients on the basics of their procedure, whether that's before the consultation or around the time of the procedure itself, creating the opportunity for better quality conversations.

Thoughtful timing

Sent directly to a patient's phone via text, these clinically accurate videos use highly-engaging content  to reach your patients when they're most invested.

Personalized to you

With white-labeled technology and personalized intros, each journey becomes an extension of your practice. Choose from our curated procedure libraries, or film your own, for a truly custom experience.

What is a journey?

A journey is a series of videos that explain a procedure, or set of relevant procedures, sent via text message to your patient at the time of inquiry, or prior to an appointment or consultation. These videos are focused on providing important information on what to expect for outcomes, benefits, and financing options.

Send a journey .
Patients can start their journey by either filling out a web form, scanning a QR code, or having your practice manually enter their name and cell number into our portal. Integration with some PMS also allows the automatic triggering of patient journeys.
Receive a text.
Patients receive a text containing a unique link that starts them on the video series. We understand that life gets busy, so we've built an automated reminder text to keep patients engaged.
Watch the videos.
Our educational video journeys enhance patient understanding. Patients can easily share these videos with family, friends, and care companions, aiding in decision-making and procedure planning.
Build connections.
These journeys serve as a way to connect with patients before and after you see them. They can drive action to book a consultation, boost conversions to premium upgrades, or increase adherence to pre and post-procedure care.
Created in partnership
with industry leaders.
Engagement rate

With the ocular cataract journeys, the average clickthrough rate was 46%, compared to 1-2% for email and social.

Completion rate

Of the patients who opted in to view the cataract journeys, 82% watched all videos in the series.

Conversion rate growth

Practices that used the cataract journeys to educate on out-of-pocket premium upgrades saw an average conversion rate growth of 52%.

New Feature

Lead Capture Engine

Once a patient receives a journey, you can view their contact information, see what journey they were sent, and how far they progressed. You'll be able to follow-up and schedule a consultation with every lead, whether that comes from social media or integration.

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Video Library


Our ocular journeys are available for both ophthalmologists and optometrists. They cover a range of procedures and product categories from choosing the right glasses to cataract surgery.

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Video Library


Our aesthetics journeys cover the most performed procedures in the market. With both surgical and non-surgical options, these journey's open the door for a more effective consultation.

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Video Library


Our dental journeys are designed for both general practice and cosmetic dentistry. These videos help patients understand what they need to know about the procedure and the options available to them.

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Specialty Pharma

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Customize your journeys.

Not only will these journeys be white-labeled to your practice, but you'll also have options to further personalize the journeys.

- Personalized intros (included with your subscription)
- Custom footage of your practice
- Practice owner hosted videos

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Optometric and Ophthalmology


Our videos educate patients on the importance of eye health, based on your expert recommendations. Topics range from how to pick out glasses

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Surgical and Non-Surgical


We've developed a wide range of topics for all types of aesthetic procedures. These videos highlight the procedures you offer, so your patient can make the best choices for their goals.

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  • It's always hard to decide how to compensate new employees. Using this data from APX really gives you an idea of how you should pay them with a base salary and how to compensate them in other ways; it shows you where your costs meet your profits.
    Ran Stark
    StarkMD Plastic Surgery
  • APX gave us insight into the financial benchmarks and profit margins we should be aiming for in this industry. The platform includes a ton of reports and calculators that give you a grasp of knowing where your money goes and how to ensure you have a successful practice.
    Amanda Satterwhite
    Highwater Aesthetics
  • I am speechless when it comes to what APX has done for my practice. After breaking down our operations, we discovered we were way underpriced. That was a huge shock. Naturally, we were nervous to increase pricing, but our patients appreciate our practice, and we did not receive any negative feedback. We increased our revenue 60%.
    Alexis Gordon
    Renew MedSpa
  • I wanted to take a minute to thank the APX team. I started with APX in November 2021 and have tripled, yes TRIPLED my income! Not only has my income grown, but my confidence and understanding of my business (knowing my numbers and how to set goals) have also GROWN EXPONENTIALLY!
    Polly West
    Sonoran Skin Renewal
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