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Clarity Practice Performance System


Provide consistent, on-demand training to every member of your staff on the skills they'll need most. Based on current best practices and up-to-date expert recommendations, your staff will have everything they need to help your practice succeed.

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Create a team that's working toward
something greater.

See results.

Whether it's increased conversion rates or fewer no-shows, with our training, you'll see the difference in your bottom line.

Foster accountability.

Assign and monitor your staff's training progress to ensure they acquire the essential skills needed for success.

Reduce turnover.

Our training helps your staff feel confident and capable, increasing their job satisfaction, fostering loyalty, and encouraging them to remain with your practice for the long term. 

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All training is on-demand so you and your team can move at your own pace.
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You and your team will receive certifications for every course completed.
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Training is optimized for each role within your practice, from daily operations to financial management.
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Quizzes, worksheets, and activities are included to help you apply what you learn.
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Our courses are crafted from insights provided by key opinion leaders and industry experts.
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Our training continuously adapts to stay current and relevant as industries evolve.

But first, set the foundation.

As you begin your journey with the Clarity Practice Performance System, the first step is to complete the Performance Assessment. This comprehensive look at your practice will make the training truly interactive. The courses will no longer be about any practice, they'll be about your practice.

Hone Your Skills

Sales training

Your staff are pivotal to your success. This course will train them on the essential skills to ensure patients feel supported, safe, and confident in choosing your practice. We focus on empathy and understanding—moving away from aggressive sales tactics towards truly addressing your customers' needs.

  • Introduction to Sales
  • Expert Phone Skills
  • Converting Web Leads
  • Consultations That Convert
  • The Expert Close
  • Introduction to KPIs
  • High-Converting Consultation Roadmap
  • Phone Conversation Scripts
  • Objective Handling
  • Personality Types
  • Treatment Plans
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Purchase the Sales Training Manual

Designed to complement our Sales Training, this comprehensive workbook is packed with resources to empower your staff, boosting their confidence and efficiency.

Know your Numbers

Financial Training

This comprehensive course will set you up to get a real-time pulse on your financial health. We'll provide detailed guidance on how to track and monitor your data, how to use the Clarity Calculators to optimize your service offerings, and how to run a more profitable business. The Financial Training has everything you need to confidently tackle your practice's books.

  • Introduction to Finance
  • Service Categories & Related Cost of Goods
  • Revenue & Accounting Organization
  • Profit per Procedure & Revenue per Hour
  • How to Create Financial Goals
  • Compensation & Bonus Structure
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Benchmarks & KPIs
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Build your brand

Marketing Masterclass

Patients are more inquisitive than ever before. Our webinars discuss the skills needed to get more patients in your door, build a reputable brand, and manage traditional marketing channels.

Optimize Your Operations

HR Masterclass

Your staff is the heart of your practice. Our Community calls will delve into the many ways you can invest in your practice and your people. Happy and supported staff will not only increase retention but create a warm and welcoming environment for your patients.

  • "The Clarity sales videos helped build our providers’ confidence in selling our services and products, without being pushy. After ironing out the kinks, we saw exponential growth. We increased our revenue 60%, changed our prices and increased our conversions from her sales course to 90%. I strongly recommend using her services and the resources in Clarity without any hesitation!”
    Dr. Alexis Gordon
    MD, FACS
  • “I am so grateful for the Clarity team. As soon as I started going over the Clarity training courses, I was blown away. I love love LOVE the financial calculators and workbooks…genius! I love you Terri and grateful for all you do in ensuring that my practice succeeds."
    Dr. Abby Bakar
  • “I love the challenges my practice throws daily regarding financial and operational data, staff training and management. The training, business intelligence, and educational components of the Clarity platform make it easy to run my practice while keeping an eye on the bottomline, hire and train new staff, or add new services. I believe Clarity is an industry disruptor and will change the way we run our practices."
    Dr. Renato Saltz
    MD, FACS
  • "Not only does Clarity provide us the value-add of understanding our financial data and what to do with it; but the on-demand staff training modules and videos have made it incredibly easy for us to onboard new employees and increase our web inquiries conversion rates. Thanks to Clarity, we have generated almost $1M within the first five months of operation.”
    Dr. Amanda Satterwhite

Clarity Training for yourself.

Preview one of our training episodes to see how it can help develop skills that could become the foundation of your practice.

Review an episode of our sales training, “The Expert Close."

Path to Profitability

Discover the Clarity Practice Performance System.

Gain expertise and understanding for every aspect for your business.