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Clarity Practice Performance System

Performance Assessment

This is where it all begins: with an in-depth look at your practice. Find out where you are, where you need to be, and what it will take to get there.

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Meaningful change starts now.

The Performance Assessment is the first step in the Practice Performance System. If you're feeling stuck navigating the challenges of owning and running a successful healthcare practice, know that you're not alone. Our Clarity Coaches will partner with you to understand your practice inside and out, offering insights, support, and a detailed action plan to start you on your path to profitability.

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We'll look at everything from your compensation structure and service prices to overhead costs and marketing leads.
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All of the information gathered becomes your baseline, the key to tracking the progress of your practice over time.
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Our goal is to provide you with a clear path forward with a detailed plan of how to implement change.

Discover the answers to questions you didn't know you had.

Hear from one of our Clarity Coaches, Lindsey Shaw, about why the Performance Assessment is the foundation of the Clarity Practice Performance System.

Meet Lindsey

Performance Analysis

Following your Performance Assessment, Clarity Coaches will provide you and your team with a detailed Performance Analysis so you can start implementing change towards a more profitable practice.

Detailed Report

You'll receive an in-depth review of the state of affairs of your practice, as well as areas for growth.

Private Session

In a 90-minute session, your Clarity Coach will meet with you one-on-one and answer any questions you have.

Action Plan

Armed with information, we'll provide a plan so you can begin making changes in your practice operations.

Measure Success

With our Business Intelligence Dashboards, you can track your analytics and growth over time.

Your Commitment

To begin your journey, you'll need to gather baseline financial data for the previous two years, as well as year-to-date. This data will not only be used for your performance analysis but also for many of the calculators and training in the Clarity Practice Performance System.

Depending on the size and scope of your practice this can take some time, it is crucial to your success.

What you'll need
  • Balance sheets
  • Payroll reports
  • Past revenue
  • Pricing structure
  • Estimated procedure time
  • Cost of goods
  • Floor plan
  • Marketing plan
  • And more...

Begin your journey to financial clarity.

Our team will help you identify what gaps are in your practice with our quick, free mini assessment.

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  • "This amazing platform provides key tools to analyze our data, and store the data in an easy-to-use platform to enable strategic planning and data-driven decisions--a key to financial success!”
    Renato Saltz
    MD, FACS
  • "With Clarity, Terri and her team have been able to address all the pertinent pain points that I have as a MedSpa owner by consolidating the tools that address those pain points. Everything from staff training to industry benchmarking, from analyzing metrics to “understanding the numbers”. Clarity is our go-to strategic and tactical tool for our business.”
    Manny Rodriguez
Path to Profitability

Discover the Clarity Practice Performance System.

Gain expertise and understanding for every aspect for your business.