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Clarity Practice Performance System


We know numbers matter. Our Financial Calculators and Business Intelligence Dashboards provide a clear view of your analytics, so you can make strategic decisions on your path to profitability.

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Financial clarity is within your reach.

The success of a practice starts and stops with your numbers. But how do you know which ones are the most important? How do you figure out what changes need to be made? How do you ensure your financial future will remain strong?

With the Clarity Practice Performance System, our dashboard will give you a clear view of your financial landscape, providing critical insights that help you make informed decisions, driving your practice’s revenue and profitability.

Coupled with the Financial Training, you'll have every tool you need to succeed. You won't just know your numbers, you'll know what to do with them.

Average Revenue Growth

More than just a tool, Analytics helps Clarity users make positive changes to improve revenue. 

Services Priced

Accurately pricing your services and procedures  ensures a sustainable future.

Compensations Planned

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Easy to Use
Plug in your information and let the calculators show you the results. No messy Excel formulas.
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These calculators give you clear insights into every aspect of your practice performance.
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We offer direct integration with Symplast, pulling your data in automatically.

Meet the Clarity Financial Calculators.


Profit Per Procedure

Are your most popular procedures your most profitable ones? This calculator helps you determine which procedures are foundational to the success of your practice.


Revenue Per Hour

Compensation, cost of goods, and time spent in the room all contribute to your revenue per hour. This calculator helps you learn if your numbers are where they need to be and how to make adjustments.


Financial Projections

Do you wonder what kind of growth to expect over the next two years? This calculator uses expense and revenue trends to project the performance of your practice.


Compensation Planner

Compensation structure can make or break your practice. Learn how to create an effective and sustainable compensation plan to improve employee retention and increase profitability.


One Year Forecast

Not sure what to expect next year? Use last year's data to create accurate forecasts so you can plan for your future with confidence.


Startup Costs

Opening a new practice can be daunting. This calculator helps you determine the costs for everything from construction costs to office supplies so you know how much you need to start your new practice.

Measure your data. Gain clear insights.

Create impactful change.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

The Clarity Dashboards show you where your numbers stand now and where they're going. They help you monitor goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and data for improving your practice.

Baseline Data
Track your most important revenue, conversions, and expenses while comparing progress to your baseline.
Goal Tracker
Compare your actual revenue and productivity against forecasted projections so you can stay on track.
Your business at a glance. Monitor your metrics at a high level or zoom in for a detailed view to examine trends.
Know your numbers
build your future.
Complete Financial Picture

Your business at a glance. Monitor your metrics at a high level or zoom in for a detailed view to examine trends.

In-Depth Views

With over twenty dashboards at your disposal, you'll be able to get a better understanding of your financial health, and what it will take to help you reach your goals.

Future Planning

Being able to track progress over time is key. 

  • "Clarity has been a wonderful addition to our practice. It's really allowed us to do things on multiple different levels. Clarity also lets you take a deep dive into the statistical analysis with graph charts of what your practice is doing. It really gives you a broad range to show you which metrics work and which metrics do not. "
    Ran Stark
  • “Clarity gave us insight into the financial benchmarks and profit margins we should be aiming for in this industry. The platform includes a ton of reports and calculators that give you a grasp of knowing where your money goes and how to ensure you have a successful practice."
    Amanda Satterwhite
  • “As a new medical spa in a highly-competitive market, we have been seeking a solution to provide us with a competitive edge. Clarity is the first and only comprehensive practice development tool on the market. Providing our team with ALL of the tools needed for us to better understand our business and better plan for success."
    Manny Rodriguez

Experience the power of clear analytics.

Ready to try it for yourself? With a few simple metrics, you can test out our Revenue Per Hour Calculator and get a closer look at your practice's revenue.

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