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Preview all of the videos in Engage's cataract and refractive journeys. These videos can help alleviate patient anxiety, boost confidence, and create more meaningful conversations during consultations.


Journey with Alcon

When you choose an Alcon-branded series, you'll not only partner with one of the most trusted brands in the industry, but enjoy a discounted price as well.

Partner with Trusted Brands

Alcon Cataract Series

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You may wonder what cataracts are and how they impact your vision. This short video provides answers.



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Three areas of concern

Many cataract patients also have astigmatism and presbyopia. Learn how these conditions can impact your vision.


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Your Lens Options

What would life be like with a reduced need for glasses? This brief video introduces an optional lens to consider as part of your cataract surgery.


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LenSx® Laser System

Our practice has invested in a laser that enables greater precision and supports quick recovery.


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ORA SYSTEM® Technology

Our practice has invested in a technology that maps your eye for greater precision.


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You're on the brink of some exciting and life-enhancing changes. We're looking forward to making the journey with you.

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Alcon Contoura Series


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20/20 is just the beginning

Follow along with several patients as they get LASIK and experience the difference for themselves.



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Clearly, it's Contoura

Learn more about what's possible for your vision with Contoura .


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Invest in yourself

See firsthand the results from each patient's procedure and learn more about your next steps.


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Personalized Videos Intros

Boost your content's impact with personalized intros for each series, enhancing the customer experience significantly. We're here to guide you through each step—no stress, just results.



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